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User Manual

Click the button above the send button to see some example prompts. Example prompts are provided only for the first turn. After sending your first message, the example prompts will be removed.

After typing your message, press enter or click the send button to send it. You won't be able to send an empty message.

Click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the chat window to remove the existing dialogue and start over. The example prompts will also be restored.

Click the drop-down button at the right end of each message from the bot to see other generated options and click one to replace as the reply by the bot.

If you don't like any of the options provided, choose the Retry option to remove this turn and generate a new set of responses. Depending on the decoding parameters, these responses may be the same from before.

If you click submit button, this indicates that you are willing to share the dialogue that you had with our bot and allow us to collect it as data for future research. We appreciate your contribution. Note that you won't be allowed to submit a dialogue within 5 seconds of submitting one or when the bot is responding. This will be indicated with a faded-out button. Read more about our privacy policy.

If you are on a large screen, you can see sliders on the right side of the chat bot that allows you to adjust the decoding parameters. If you change the values during the dialogue, they will start taking effect for subsequent messages.

Thanks for checking out SpolinBot! If you like the conversation you're having and would like to submit your dialogue to contribute to our research purposes, click the submit button! Thank you!
Once you click this button, you will submit your current dialogue history with this chat bot, indicating that you allow us to use the collected data for future research purposes. Read more about our privacy policy.
Decoder Settings